The infinite cabinet entitled SALUDO A EDUARDO CHILLIDA could also have borne the title ‘Différence et répétition’ – the title of one of Gilles Deleuzes’ books. That title is applicable to Verroken’s work as a whole, as well as to the majority of his individual creations, but without doubt it applies most specifically to SALUDO A EDUARDO CHILLIDA. Ultimately, this king of cabinets echoes, like a mental picture, very literal elements that can also be found in past work, but does this in such a way as to create something utterly new and, what is more, in a way that reveals new, hitherto veiled aspects of that past work. As never before, there is playfulness in its complexity, and behind its gravity there is exultation. The work seems self-liberated.

Geert Bekaert, June 2005

SALUDO A EDUARDO CHILLIDA was produced by final-year students in woodwork at the VTI (Vrij Technisch Instituut) in Roeselare

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