Over the past few decades, and stemming from his great passion for the artistic, Verroken has been increasingly seeking to reconcile furniture and art. He constantly poses the question why furniture and art are so emphatically separated from one another… However, surprisingly enough, despite their artistic quality and strong identity, he has always conceived his furniture as capable of being reproduced… Nevertheless, people obstinately continue to treat the great majority of his creations as one-offs – to his great annoyance. In 2004, as a response to this, Verroken resumed contact with the industry. The Ghent-based furniture company Van den Berghe-Pauvers marketed two tables from his THE MULTIPLICATION TABLES concept… In this concept, two tables – each made from a different type of wood – engage each other and thus form a new table. The originally L-shaped legs of the very first design were dropped for the commercial version because of being too labour- intensive and too pronounced. They were given a square finish… .

Inge Vranken, consultant at Design Vlaanderen in the catalogue (Im)perfect by Design, 4th Triennial for Design, VIZO-KM, 2004