The CARROUSEL TABLE is the continuation of my story “Triangles in (E)motion” designed objects bases on “full & semi-equilateral triangles”. I start from a solid geometric shape, a equilateral triangle, I distill various forms that can both serve as designs for tables, but also be processed into abstract geometric entities which function as visual art. I try to create, from my own set of values and forms, beauty in a tradition that is related to Arte Povera and Minimalism.The question whether my creations are to be perceived as utensils or visual art is basically beside the point.

The CARROUSEL TABLE was exposed at the 6th Design triennial “Belgium is design”, Hornu Images, Grand Hornu: 21/11/2010 to 27/02/2011.

Winner in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category at A’Design Award & Competion 2014, Italy.