In ‘Wiskunde en creativiteit in de meubelobjecten van Verroken’* (Gazet van Antwerpen, 28 January 1993) Paul Huylebroeck wrote: ‘… In fact, and from an analytical position… , one could say that Verroken’s actual furniture subjects are and have always been designed on the basis of a two-dimensional perspective in which the line is the prevailing information. … When constructing a piece of furniture, it is as if the surface is being fragmented in terms of depth so that the information becomes three dimensional… .’ Strangely enough, I took the opposite path in the series of drawings that I submitted a year ago for a design competition organised by KROMMENIE for flooring. I was inspired by the series of tables entitled FROM DUO TO OCTET, for which I created a colourful, two-dimensional sequel.

* translation : ‘Mathematics and creativity in Verroken’s furniture’