The names that Verroken gives to his subjects sometimes have the effect of playing havoc with the explanatory thought process. In calling a chest of drawers DUIZENDPOOT (MILLIPEDE) – a chest of drawers that is only barely still a chest of drawers – Verroken points not only to the forest of legs with virtually no load to carry, but also suggests the mobility of the articulated creature itself and the diversity of roles that a human millipede(*) is deemed able to adopt. Its aloof and rectilinear nature disappears, and at once the subject comes to life as if in a comic strip. It seems like nothing but movement.

Geert Bekaert in ‘De Ongemakkelijkheid van Andre Verroken’, Uitgeverij Carto, Brussels 1998

*In Dutch, the word for ‘millipede’ also signifies a person who is a jack-of-all-trades.