Curiously enough, this storage unit brought to a end a series of creations that were largely produced in the non-colours of black and white. I do not have a definitive […]


Simplicity and an honest use of materials are two other characteristics of Verroken’s furniture that follow directly from the tendency towards purity and geometry found in the Art Nouveau style. […]


In some ways, the RECTOVERSO table belongs to the family of Pedestal Tables(*) from the early 70’s. The tabletop is supported by a cube sawn in half along its diagonal. […]


Verroken interprets the functional aspects of his furniture as broadly as possible within the context of the total design. In this, functionality does not entail merely the pure physical utility […]


SWEET BELGIUM is a geometric cabinet in which form is given to the term ‘stacking’. The stacked technique employed in SWEET BELGIUM is somewhat denied by the two red-painted doors […]